The Novel

So I’ve been working on my first novel for about a year now. However, I’ve only recently really committed time to it. I think this will be a masterpiece…. if I could get it off the ground! There is such a big difference (in my mind at least) between writing my book and writing for work. I know the story is there, in my mind. It has been for a while. Yet, its proving difficult to let my imagination go and just write! Any advice?


One Response to “The Novel”

  1. Charity Says:

    I’ve found that when I work on my novel, I have to turn off the TV, turn off the radio, be in a room by myself, and not have worked on any other type of writing that day. I’m more creative at night, so I find it easiest to work at night and just keep writing until I don’t have anything left. Which means I have to work on my novel on Friday or Saturday nights. But work at whatever time of the day is best for you and allow plenty of time to let your creativity flow out of you. I also found it easier to write after I had I had a written (don’t kid yourself into thinking thay you have it all mapped out in your head) out-line. I know that I’ll revise over and over again, so it’s okay not to “finish” a chapter. You’ll have more to add later, I’m sure. As your characters evolve and become more vivid to you and your plot line thickens you may want to go back and add undertones and such to your earlier chapters anyway. Some writers find it helpful to write the prologue and epilogue so that you have a clear start and end….even if it changes, you’ll have something solid to work from.

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